July 30: Read Galatians 5

  • Believers are to stand firm in the freedom Jesus makes possible. What mistake are the Galatians are making? Do you think believers today are making a similar mistake?
  • Believers are commanded to walk in the Spirit of God. Why is this so important? Is it possible to attempt the Christian life apart from God’s help and power? Are you attempting to do so?
  • Two lists contrast two approaches. Which of the two most closely resembles Your life? Which one should? Will you admit Your dependence upon God and His Spirit? How will this be expressed today?

Father, I am free in Christ Jesus, Your Son. Keep me from becoming enslaved to religious legalism and pride. You are the One who set me free so that I may live humbly in the reality of Your Son—through the power of Your Spirit. Teach me what this means. Forgive me when I allow my Christian life to be governed by impersonal rules or mindless rituals. My life is more than that. I am Your child. I am spiritually alive through Your Son. Enable me then to live each day as if this is true. Fill my life with Your Spirit so I may experience Your transforming influence and power. Guide my steps. Prompt my conversations. Affect my attitude and emotions. May the fruit of my life reflect the sweetness of Your presence today!

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