November 24: Read Acts 18

  • Do you expect quick results from your efforts for the Lord? Should you? Will some endeavors require additional time? What can be learned from Paul’s extended stay in Corinth?
  • In contrast, why does Paul limit his stay in Ephesus? Who or what is governing his itinerary (18:20-21)? Who or what is governing yours? Who should be?
  • What can be learned from Priscilla and Aquila’s interaction with Apollos? Was
    Apollos teachable? Do you think it is important for you to maintain a teachable
    spirit? Are you?

Father, fill me with Your Spirit so I might touch my world in ways that You desire. May I learn to be discerning like Your servant, Paul. If patience and endurance are required, affect my heart so I will prove faithful to the task as long as You make clear. If expediency is required, may my actions display the appropriate response. I simply seek Your will. I commit myself to what You desire for however long or short is necessary. Forgive me when I have imposed my timetables upon You in the past. Teach me to trust in Your timing and remain faithful to Your will. Be glorified in me!

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